Synthesis of ammonium oxonium dodeca-molybdophosphate nanostructures for supercapacitor application


  • A Juliet Christina Mary



Ammonium oxonium dodeca-molybdophosphate, Nanospheres, Co-precipitation method, Electrochemical performance, Electrochemical performance and Supercapacitors application


Supercapacitors and ultracapacitors are considered potential candidates in the field of energy storage devices for future generations. In this work, Ammonium oxonium dodeca-molybdophosphate nanospheres were successfully prepared using the co-precipitation method. The XRD pattern confirms that the material has a cubic crystal structure. The functional groups of the nanoparticles were analyzed using FTIR spectroscopy. The optical properties were studied using UV absorption
spectroscopy. SEM images were used to confirm the morphological variations of the materials. CV and charge/discharge studies were conducted to investigate the electrochemical performance of the nanospheres.


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Synthesis of ammonium oxonium dodecamolybdophosphate nanostructures for  supercapacitor application




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